Remember, Fox’s Washington Head of Government Relations Is A Former Joe Biden Staffer

Fox News’ parent company, brand new Fox Corp. (still owned and controlled by the Murdochs, not Disney), has hired a former top Joe Biden aide to be its main man in Washington.

Broadcasting and Cable first reported: “Danny O’Brien, who heads up Fox’s lobbying arm in D.C., has hit the ground running on day one of the new Fox Corp. (March 20). O’Brien, once a top aide to former Vice President and likely future presidential candidate Joe Biden, was brought on in October as EVP and head of government relations for the new Fox Corp. He has been ramping up the operation for the past four months, including for what will be a months-long battle with cable operators over the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization (STELAR) act.”

Well, there you have it. Politico noted that O’Brien is not technically a registered lobbyist.

Roll Call previously reported on how O’Brien was a top Senate staffer for Joe Biden and Bob Menendez and worked in the Bill Clinton White House.

Fox recently added Paul Ryan to their board and Donna Brazile to their network as an on-air commentator.

I explained the situation behind the scenes at Fox News, where conservatives are scrambling to figure out why their network is rapidly turning into an anti-conservative Quisling network.

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