Remember When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweeted a Blackface Photo?

With the political world gripped by scandal, the now infamous blackface photos posted by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey once again find themselves relevant as two Virginia officials, Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring, find themselves embroiled in their own blackface controversies.

Dorsey tweeted “Adam bought a durag and $40 worth of makeup: costume complete” on October 31 of 2006, and late last year Twitter users found the photo Dorsey seemingly referred to and juxtaposed the image next to the tweet, revealing an overtly racist sentiment.

Many have criticized media coverage of Northam and Herring because the blackface photos were taken in separate college parties in the early 1980s, 30 years ago. Dorsey’s photo is only 13 years old, when wearing blackface was already well accepted to be a racist mockery of African Americans.

The Daily Caller reported last year:

Another Dorsey tweet that began to circulate Sunday morning appears to match up to an old picture of him with a white man who is wearing a durag and makeup that some are calling blackface.

The tweet suggests that Dorsey himself was involved in the creation of this “costume.”

“Adam bought a durag and $40 worth of makeup: costume complete,” Dorsey wrote.

Dorsey also came under fire for a previous tweet, in which he disparagingly referred to a trans woman as a “transvestite” and remarked about the experience of sitting next to her for five hours.

While the Attorney General of Virginia resigned from his position as co-chair of the Democratic Attorneys General of America (DAGA), and Northam receives escalating calls for his immediate resignation, Dorsey has seemingly escaped all controversy regarding his tweet and the resurfaced image.

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