REMINDER: Immigration Patriot Group The Remembrance Project Sends Out Open Letter to Trump Calling On Him to Not Flinch on DACA

The Remembrance Project, one of the premier organizations pushing for patriotic immigration reform, recently sent out a letter calling for the President to not sell out on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

They referred to a Telemundo interview that Trump did on June 10, 2020, where he said that he might be giving a number of illegal aliens a “road to citizenship” by signing a major immigration Executive Order.

The immigration patriot organization reminded the president that “just as Obama had no constitutional authority to create DACA, you have no constitutional authority to legalize DACA illegal aliens.”

In addition, the signers of the Remembrance Project letter stressed that the promise that President Trump made regarding immigration throughout the 2016 campaign trail be kept:

With nearly 40 grieving family members and over 500 supporters present, you promised that a Trump administration’s top priorities would be stopping illegal alien crime through building the wall and removing illegals. To date, neither promise has been fulfilled, and Americans are still being killed daily by illegal aliens, even as you now support amnesty.

For the leaders of the Remembrance Project, DACA would be sending the wrong message to the rest of the world:

In the broader concern of national security, a DACA amnesty will surely be seen across the world that foreign invaders sneaking into our country, bringing their children, stealing American jobs and lives is acceptable. It is not. And you must not allow it. Amnesty is antithetical to law and order.

BLP reached out to Maria Espinoza, the National Director of the Remembrance Project, for comments. She was explicit about her no compromise stance regarding illegal immigration:

It is the position of The Remembrance Project that there is no urgency to negotiate with illegal aliens, as they have no legal status in America.

She then proposed that the Trump administration take serious action regarding illegal immigration:

Instead, what must be urgently addressed is America’s return to the rule of law in order to save the lives of thousands of innocent Americans from the lawless behavior of illegal aliens.

One thing that Espinoza made clear was the establishment’s refusal to honor their promises to protect the American people from the negative effects of mass migration:

America’s families were promised border security in 1986 in the form of The Wall along our southern border. Here we are thirty-four years later and funding for The Wall has been repeatedly blocked by decades of professional Congressional liars of both parties.

Asylum loopholes have not been addressed. USCIS passes undocumented asylees into our communities.  Mandatory e-verify has not been implemented, while millions of qualified Americans cannot find work, destroying the fabric of our families and our communities.

The issue of mass migration is no joke. It’s ultimately about protecting the integrity of the nation, and if Americans lose on this issue, there’s no going back. This is what motivates groups like the Remembrance Project.

Their letter to Trump features the signature of legendary rock musician Ted Nugent.

The letter can be read here.

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