Renegade Journalist Glenn Greenwald Mourns the Death of the Anti-War Left, Blames AOC and the Squad for Selling Out

Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald is mourning the death of the anti-war Left, the last remnants of which have sold out over the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

The mad rush to support Ukraine in order to propel a dangerous proxy war with Russia has united 100 percent of Congressional Democrats and the majority of Congressional Republicans. Greenwald explained in a recent Substack column that it is like the Bush era all over again.

“Except for two missing members, all House Democrats — every last one, including all six members of the revolutionary, subversive Squad — voted for this gigantic war package, one of the largest the U.S. has spent at once in decades,” Greenwald said of the $40 billion bipartisan Ukraine aid package approved by Congress as America slips into a domestic recession.

“While a small portion of these funds will go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine, the vast majority will go into the coffers of weapons manufacturers such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and the usual suspects. Some of it will go to the CIA for unspecified reasons. The extreme speed with which this was all approved means there is little to no oversight over how the funds will be spent, who will profit and how much, and what the effects will be for Ukraine and the world,” Greenwald added.

Greenwald pointed to Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Ro Khanna (D-CA) as two despicable examples of cowards who turned on a dime in order to support lethal aid for Ukraine. 

Democrat leaders have uniform support behind the message pushed by their leaders, such as octogeneric fossil Sen. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who claims that America is at war right now and the president ought not to be criticized considering the circumstances:

Greenwald particularly blames “the Squad and AOC” for permanently killing “whatever was left of the U.S. left-wing anti-war movement.”

“Only two months ago, those who observed that this was not a war between Russia and Ukraine, but really a proxy war between Russia and the U.S./NATO, were vilified as Kremlin propagandists. Now, U.S. leaders openly boast of this fact, and go further, claiming that the U.S. is actually at war with Russia and must secure full victory,” Greenwald said. 

“That there is not a single Democratic politician willing to object to or even question any of this speaks volumes about what that party is, as well how dangerous this war has become for Americans and the world generally,” he added.

Greenwald has given props to the “America First” pro-Trump wing of the GOP, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), for speaking out against the money being showered over the Ukrainian puppet government.

The political realignment caused by Trump has demonstrated that the only hope for peace in the world is through the America First wing of the Republican Party. Greenwald has recognized this truth and so must other liberals who have not sacrificed their souls on the altar of globalism.

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