Renowned Doctor Leads Big Protest in Houston And Files a Lawsuit Against An Elected Official

Clash Daily reported that Dr. Steven F. Hotze is leading a protest in Houston on April 23, against a judge that imposed a mask-wearing order for everyone who goes out in public.

Mask mandates have been frequently used as a way to fight back against the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Hotze sent out a message to his followers.

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Today, Harris county judge Lina Hidalgo ordered that everyone in Harris County be required to wear a mask in public and at work for 30 days.

Enough is enough.

It is time to unmask socialism.  I am filing a lawsuit against Hidalgo and am asking you to join me at the Let Freedom Ring Rally tomorrow at 3:00 pm, Thursday, April 23rd.

It will be held at the Harris County Administration Building, 1001 Preston in downtown Houston.  You can also go to my Facebook page, Conservative Republicans of Texas, for more information.

Please share this message with your fellow Texas Patriots. We, the people, need to be bold and courageous, and stand up for our God given, unalienable constitutional rights.

Thank you and be sure to join me tomorrow at 3:00pm for the Let Freedom Ring rally!

Sincerely yours,
Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Conservative Republicans of Texas

Hotze released a video calling out Judge Hidalgo and calling for fellow patriots to stand against the judge’s heavy-handed measure.

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