Rep. Paul Gosar Endorses ‘True Patriot and Fighter’ Wendy Rogers for Reelection to State Senate

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has endorsed state senator Wendy Rogers for reelection to the Arizona state senate.

“My friend ⁦[Wendy Rogers] ⁩ is endorsed by me and President Trump.  She’s a true patriot and fighter for Arizona. The Left attacks her relentlessly.    We support her just as relentlessly,” he wrote in a tweet.

“Wendy is a fighter for America First. She has my endorsement and honestly I wish we had more like her in the legislature,” Gosar said in the official endorsement.

Gosar’s endorsement comes at a time in which Rogers is being attacked relentlessly by the political establishment over her outspoken stance against election fraud and on other issues. The fake news media is even demanding that she be ousted from the Arizona state senate in a rejection of the will of the voters due to her alleged wrongthink.

“The Arizona Senate needs to defend itself, to defend the institution from Rogers’ fevered mind. Her words echo the ravings of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who tortured the grieving parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School by claiming that shooting was a false flag – that it never happened. Those parents sued Jones for defamation,” the Arizona Republic stated in their call for Rogers’ dismissal.

“If Rogers cannot credibly defend her conduct, the Senate has to act and will need a super-majority. This can’t be left to voters. The state of Arizona through its elected representatives needs to say no to the vile conduct in its midst,” they continued.

“If the Arizona Senate is to enjoy any future respect, it has to stop Wendy Rogers right now. It has to prove to all Americans and especially our Jewish and African American brothers and sisters that Arizona will not give ground to such poisoned ideas,” the Arizona Republic added.

Big League Politics has reported on Rogers’ unparalleled record of standing for the MAGA agenda in the Arizona state senate:

Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers is leading the way to build the wall in her state to preserve American freedom against waves of illegal immigrants invading the U.S. southern border.

The Arizona state senate approved $700 million in spending to construct a border wall to protect the state’s border. It passed by a vote of 16-12 on Wednesday…

Big League Politics has reported on other times that Rogers has stood for America First against the political establishment…

Rogers is moving the Republican Party to the Right. She is an amazing leader in the America First GOP for her tireless efforts in moving the needle forward.”

The political establishment will have a difficult time ousting Rogers because she represents the MAGA base. She will not be silenced no matter the consequences and that is what Republican voters demand in the age of Trump.

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