Rep. Paul Gosar Hit by the Fake News for Endorsing Laura Loomer’s Congressional Run

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) issued an endorsement of journalist and whistle-blower Laura Loomer’s recently announced run for political office on Monday, and the fake news media is not happy about it.

The Arizona Republic highlighted a comment made by Loomer that the so-called MAGA bomber Cesar Sayoc, who was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison, may have been set up as apart of a false flag operation heading into the 2018 mid-term election. They also pointed out Loomer’s support for President Trump’s proposed Muslim ban as more supposed evidence of her extremism.

“Then let me be the first to say I never want another Muslim entering this country EVER AGAIN,” she wrote in 2017.

Loomer, who is a proud Jewish-American, has been a critic of radical Islam, particularly Somali refugee Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). She has been influential in breaking the story about the controversy of Omar’s alleged fraud in marrying her brother to gain citizenship unlawfully in the United States.

“And even Fox News is now putting a muzzle on their hosts and their contributors who are not allowed to speak truth about Islam,” Loomer wrote. “But the truth is, is that Islam is a cancer on society.”

Gosar has recently proposed legislation that would prevent Big Tech from arbitrarily censoring conservative voices such as Loomer’s for spreading speech that is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Gosar has become one of the top enemies of the fake news as they rely on Big Tech censorship to take their competitors out of commission.

The Loomer campaign, even if she does not win election to Congress, will give the reporter a new platform to speak about the evils of Big Brother censorship as she runs for the Republican nomination for Florida’s 21st Congressional district.

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