Rep. Richard “Rich” Hudson Changes Twitter Handle After BLP Scrutiny

Rep. Richard Hudson has changed his Twitter handle in an apparent attempt to dodge scrutiny over a Big League Politics story released yesterday.

“I appreciate you using the full statement, and going through and explaining what the amendment [to the National Defense Authorization Act] did, but I just don’t really understand why you’re implying that Congressman would be to blame for a Marine’s death,” said Tatum Gibson, spokeswoman for Rep. Richard “Rich” Hudson (R.-NC.).

Gibson contacted Big League Politics yesterday after release of a report that the Marine Corps requested funding for new parachutes for its paratroopers, which was denied last December by a provision inserted into the NDAA by Rep. Hudson.

Marine Cpl. Alejandro “Alex” Romero died in a parachuting accident in late January in Coolidge, Arizona.

Big League Politics published the story, and tagged Rep. Hudson in a Tweet with a link to the story. His Twitter handle was @RepRichardHudson.

Today, he changed his Twitter handle in an apparent effort to distance himself from the report.

His new Twitter handle is @RepRichHudson.

Congressman Hudson has been very open about his support of our military and wanting to get them the funds and training and equipment that they need,” said Gibson in response to a request for comment regarding what Hudson had to say to Romero’s family, and to those who might think the military is under-funded.

Gibson then denied that the provision of the bill blocked funding for Marine parachutes.

Big League Politics had previously spoken with the Marine Corps, and a spokesperson confirmed that the Marines did indeed request funding for new parachuting equipment.

Claude H. Chafin, Director of Communications for the House Armed Services Committee said that the provision that blocked funding for the equipment was the result of an amendment offered by Hudson on the House Floor.

Gibson also accused Big League Politics of playing “gotcha politics” for asking why Hudson was willing to vote for certain non-traditionally conservative items, while voting against others.

For example, Hudson voted in favor of Continuing Resolutions fund the federal government in both December and January, which includes funding programs like Planned Parenthood.

He eventually voted against the Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, to fund the federal government through 2019. That bill placed significant emphasis on military spending, with most of the $300 million increase in the federal budget being allocated to our troops.

Hudson will fund Planned Parenthood, as long as he does not have to fund the military along with it.

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