Rep. Steve King Blasts Secret Impeachment Inquiry: ‘Biggest Atrocity I’ve Seen’ Over 17 Years in Congress

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the lightning rod for controversy who has always stood strongly behind President Donald Trump’s agenda, proudly joined the band of Congressional Republicans who stormed the Democrats’ secret impeachment proceedings earlier today.

He was apart of a rabble-rousing caucus of Republicans who crashed a secret meeting being led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in the basement of the Capitol. They forced their way into a room where members of the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight and Reform committees were questioning a Defense Department official under the cloak of darkness.

King can be seen with the intrepid group in the video of their demonstration:

“We are witnessing the biggest atrocity I’ve seen in this United States Congress in 17 years. It’s unimaginable that anybody would have the audacity to hold secret impeachment hearings here in the House of Representatives, the People’s House,” King said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon.

“As we went to the door and tried to get in, we were blocked by security, and a good number of the members raised a significant ruckus,” King added.

The stunt was seen as a huge public relations victory for the group, which was led by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) of the House Freedom Caucus. The legislators were able to draw attention to the clandestine nature of the impeachment inquiry, as Democrats are clearly scared to let their fraudulent plotting see the light of day.

Several of the bold lawmakers addressed the press afterward to decry what they call a “Soviet-style process” being conducted by House Democrats.

While King has been dogged by dubious accusations of his alleged white supremacist views, he has not given up on his fight to save America despite the negative publicity. He refuses to succumb to the establishments of both parties uniting to destroy his career, and plans to remain in Congress regardless of the opposition that he is up against.

“If we presume that every culture is equal and has an equal amount to contribute to our civilization, then we’re devaluing the contributions of the people that laid the foundation for America and that’s our founding fathers,” King said. “It is not about race, it’s never been about race. It is about culture.”

“They think if they can keep the subject tamped down, that eventually it goes away. But each day that goes by, my patience gets thinner and thinner. And that means, then, that I have to turn this up,” King said. “I don’t want this to be the only thing I do in this Congress,” he added, “but it is something I will not let go of.”

The voters of Iowa are apparently appreciative of King’s moxie while under the gun, as he is currently crushing his various primary opponents in the preliminary polls:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the “America First” lawmaker who has stood the strongest behind President Donald Trump since his election, has been attacked mercilessly by the fake news over the past year, as they hope to kick the top Trump advocate out of the U.S. House in the 2020 election.

However, it seems like those attacks have fallen flat, according to a new poll conducted by G1 Survey Research that was released on Monday. The fake news has done little to slow down King’s momentum, and he holds a commanding lead over his declared intra-party challengers.

King has a 44 point lead over the second-place candidate in the 4th District Republican Congressional primary, state senator Randy Feenstra, who has emerged opportunistically as his opponent following the launch of a coordinated smear campaign to paint King as a racist and a white nationalist.

The poll also shows that 74 percent of voters side with King following his alleged statements in the New York Times, which caused Congressional Republicans to join Democrats and throw him under the bus with a censure vote. Only 15 percent of Iowa voters take the media’s side, showing what little credibility they have in the Heartland…

King boasts a 72 percent approval rating among voters, according to the poll. His staunchly pro-life, pro-wall stances have earned him the respect of the people, and the fact that he is a common target of the fake news media only seems to further enhance his already impressive record.

“These poll results mirror what I am seeing on the ground,” Rep. King said in a press release about the poll. “Republicans in the 4th District are overwhelmingly choosing to stand with me as the only proven and tested conservative in this race. Voters know where I stand, they know I tell them the unflinching truth, and they know my record of effectively advancing our shared Iowa values in Congress.”

King has survived the vicious smears from the establishment, and has re-established himself as a leader for President Trump’s “America First” agenda in the House. Rumors of King’s political demise have been greatly exaggerated!

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