Rep.Vernon Jones is leaving The Georgia governor’s race to run for 10th Congressional district

It is widely believed Rep.Jones will receive the endorsement of President Trump despite the fact that Mike Collins and Patrick Witt, are already in that field.

Rep. Vernon Jones had been running for governor of Georgia that is until now. He is now endorsing David Purdue for Governor, someone Jones referred to as “a good man who loves our state and loves our Country.”

“After much prayer & consideration I have decided that I can best serve the people of Georgia in the Congress of the United States,” Jones wrote in a statement Monday.

“I believe that strong conservative voices need to be heard as we lead America into the future,” Jones continued. “Because of this decision I am officially withdrawing my candidacy for Governor effective today and will be supporting David Perdue for Governor.

Perdue is primarying Brian Kemp who is weak on election integrity and voter fraud. Despite this fact, this is already a packed lane with Mike Collins who has received the endorsement of Republicans for National Renewal, as well as Patrick Witt.

Mike Collins who is a trucker has already proven to be a very strong candidate. He describes himself as a “pro-Trump, America first, conservative fighter, outsider.” The executive director of Republicans For National Renewal praised Collins saying “I was pleased to meet with Mike Collins recently and was impressed by his outsider background and his policy agenda. If elected, Mike Collins will vote to reduce mass immigration, keep our country out of endless foreign wars and stop big tech’s censorship of patriotic Americans. Republicans for National Renewal is proud to give Mike Collins its full endorsement in Georgia’s 10th congressional district.”

Rep.Jones, now joins the company of fellow America First patriots and supporters of The Trump agenda. Ultimately the voters will decide who is the stronger leader and who most epitomizes the values of National Populism.

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