Report: Americans Are Driving To Mexico For Cheaper Gas

Gas prices are a dollar cheaper across the border. (AFP via Getty Images)

Record-high gas prices during the leadership of the Joe Biden administration have prompted numerous Americans to begin driving across the southern border in search of more affordable fuel, a new report revealed Monday.

Sales of gasoline in Juarez, Mexico were up over 52% in May as compared to the same month a year ago. Gasoline in the neighboring El Paso, United States is $4.03.

“For their whole lives, people from here — businessmen and everyone else — have gone to buy gas in El Paso,” Ivan Escogido, a gas station attendant in Juarez, told Bloomberg. “Now the tables have turned.”

Gas prices in the United States have recently dropped amidst record highs. A national average of $4.355 per gallon was recorded Monday morning, down from the previous all-time record of $5.016 on June 14th.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has invested in his nation’s fossil fuel supply, noted the extreme difference in price during a recent meeting with White House occupant Joe Biden.

“While we waited for prices to go down, we have allowed Americans who live close to the border to fill their tanks with gas on the Mexican side at lower prices,” Lopez Obrador said.

Biden has continued to dwindle in the polls–a stunning 71% of voters report not wanting him to run for re-election in 2024, according to recent surveys. Inflation has not served American consumers well since Biden began his tenure, with recent CPI estimates putting it at a 40-year high of 9.1%.

Joe Biden and others in his administration have continued to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for soaring gas prices in the United States. Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the administration for America’s record-high gas prices, pointing out to viewers that fuel costs far less in Mexico than it does in the States.

“Gas prices in Mexico are so cheap that the Mexican government is encouraging more Americans to cross the border to refuel their cars,” commented Carlson in a July 15 episode of his show.

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