REPORT: Anti-Tariff Larry Kudlow Is Top Contender To Replace Gary Cohn

Since former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn’s humiliating downfall, insiders have been wondering who will take Cohn’s place as President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser.

CNBC reports that Larry Kudlow from the CNBC network is the leading contender to fill Cohn’s no-doubt expensive loafers. What’s more, Kudlow is willing and ready to take over the official responsibilities if called upon.

Trump has clearly been frustrated with the rigid establishmentarian nature of his administration and wants to break free and be himself.

Bringing in Kudlow would free Trump of the burden of having to wrangle with Cohn and his Goldman Sachs cronies on everything.

Now, CNBC might just be running water for their guy Kudlow to some extent. Other candidates are still in the game, including trade adviser Peter Navarro, the point man on Trump’s tariffs.

More importantly, Kudlow is ANTI-tariff and told Trump not to do it. He has criticized tariffs in multiple segments and even reported that the economy was suffering from “trade war jitters.”

Kudlow might be a smart fellow, but he is clearly not fully on board with President Trump’s vision.

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