REPORT: BORDER BREACHED By Migrants Climbing ‘Fence,’ Which Is Not A Wall

President Donald Trump’s urgent call to build a magnificent Wall on our Southern border becomes more pressing by the day. Illegal immigrants from the caravan movement have now reportedly breached the border and reached U.S. soil, where they could gain asylum in their effort to remain in the United States.

The migrants reportedly made it over a ten-foot fence, which is not a Wall.

Reuters reported Tuesday:

Central American migrants stuck on the threshold of the United States in Mexico breached the border fence on Monday, risking almost certain detention by U.S. authorities but hoping the illegal entry will allow them to apply for asylum…

Frustrated and exhausted after weeks of uncertainty, many of the migrants have become desperate since getting stuck in squalid camps in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

So a number opted to eschew legal procedures and attempt an illegal entry from Tijuana as dusk fell on Monday at a spot about 1,500 feet (450 meters) away from the Pacific Ocean.

In less than an hour, Reuters reporters observed roughly two dozen people climb the approximately 10-foot (3-meter) fence made of thick sheets and pillars of metal. They chose a place in a large overgrown ditch where the fence is slightly lower.

Reuters passage ends

Big League Politics reported:

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