Report: CDC Has Spent $16,000 Coaching Walensky To Improve Her Public Appearances

Apparently, public health “experts” now need money to learn how…. to appear in public. A new report revealed a total of $16,000 was spent by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to train Director Rochelle Walensky on how to properly appear in front of the media and communicate essential public health messages amidst the Covidd-19 pandemic.

Staffers of the CDC informed The Hill that $16,000 was spent on media coaching sessions with Democrat media adviser and political consultant Mandy Grunwald.

In addition to summoning Grunwald’s assistance, the CDC has also sent $9,750 for executive management coaching sessions with Wellesley Partners founder Tim Sullivan in an effort to help Walensky improve her public speaking abilities.

The implication that Walensky struggles in her public appearances is likely not a surprising one to many Americans. The CDC director has changed course with her guidance surrounding the virus on numerous occasions, previously telling the public in March 2021 that anybody who takes the Covid-19 inoculations would avoid any and all infections. She backtracked on this in January, saying that they cannot prevent transmission “anymore” before blaming the failed jab on the Delta variant.

Many Americans have drawn attention to these contradictions, prompting the regime propagandists of Reuters to work in overtime to “fact-check” people who point out the obvious.

“The video lacks context,” cried Reuters. “It compares comments made by Walensky prior to the rise of the Delta variant.”

So according to Reuters, directly quoting the words of the CDC director exactly as they are is ‘out of context.’ Right.

The news was first reported by Politico, which said that Walensky’s coaching sessions cost approximately $500 an hour. The outlet reportedly received expense authorization filings from a conservative group called Americans for Public Trust after they had filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

Walensky spokeswoman Kathleen Conley attempted to downplay the coaching sessions, telling The Hill, “CDC directors have long received media coaching to ensure they are effectively and clearly communicating to public health partners and the American people.”

“This type of training is not an unusual practice,” she said. “It is a long-standing, prudent practice inside and outside of government for high-level officials to seek executive coaching.”

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