Report Exposed ATF’s $20 Million Spending Scheme to Pay Off Bureaucrats

According to a report from the United States Office of Special Counsel, the ATF illegally paid agents over $20 million in wrongful benefits using taxpayer dollars.

Per the report, the ATF misclassified jobs as law enforcement positions on purpose and compensated those individuals with employee benefits that they were not entitled to receive. 

The findings’ sum was roughly 20 million dollars during a period of five years. This was paid out to 108 ATF employees. That’s roughly $37,000 annually in salary and retirement benefits per employee.

As outlined by the OSC’s report, these actions were a frequent course of action for the ATF’s leadership for multiple years. 

A quote from the report speculated that the real cost could be much higher due to how illegal job classifications had been a standard operating procedure at the ATF much longer than the five-year timeframe the investigators reviewed. 

Furthermore, the OSC noted in its press release that it informed President Joe Biden and Congress of its findings. Funny enough,the Biden regime has done nothing to slash the ATF’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2024. Instead, the Biden regime has awarded the ATF with a cool 13.6% budgetary increase, which places its operating budget to roughly $2 billion.

On the other hand, lawful gun owners, especially gun store owners have to go through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole just to stay within the confines of the law. This is peak anarcho-tyranny. Criminal actors in the government get rewarded, while lawful individuals get punished for not complying with arbitrary regulations. 

Hopefully, Republicans start growing a pair and grilling the ATF for its malfeasances. The ultimate goal here is to abolish this wretched institution.

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