Report: Gavin Newsom’s In-Laws Made Contribution To DeSantis PAC

You can’t make this stuff up. According to Fox News, a trust linked to failing California Governor Gavin Newsom’s in-laws made contributions to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ PAC.

This is especially awkward considering the two Governors have been competing with one another for the “freest state in America” badge of honor. And both are leading contenders for a future presidential bid from their respective parties.

Notably, Newsom recently announced that he is going to donate $100,000 to DeSantis’ Democrat opponent, Charlie Crist. 

Per Fox News:

According to contribution records on the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC website, the Siebel Family Revocable Trust made a $5,000 contribution on April 6, 2022.

That trust is run by Kenneth F. Siebel Jr. and Judith A. Siebel, the parents of Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel, records obtained by Fox News Digital show.

Newsom’s in-laws, the Siebel family, have a history of supporting right-wing candidates, as Fox News outlined:

Newsom’s father-in-law Kenneth Siebel has a long history of making donations to GOP candidates, according to Federal Election Commission filings. His most recent donations include contributions to the campaigns of Republicans Sens. Ron Johnson, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley.

Ironically, Newsom is leading a campaign to paint DeSantis as the “Trumpian mean guy” to urge voters to choose Crist because he is the less radical option.

During an LA event, Newsom doubled down on his support of Crist over DeSantis, saying that he does not support politicians who “demean people.”

Most of Newsom’s arguments stemmed from the now-viral clip of DeSantis comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to an “elf” who needed to be chucked “across the Potomac.”

But Newsome also threw punches at DeSantis’ rhetoric regarding the LGBT community and women. “I mean, this guy is so extreme,” the California Governor pleaded with his audience.

“I’m standing up for [Charlie Crist] as a human being,” he added. ““I know all of us had to sit there and suck it up and take Trump’s demonization, but not everybody has to act like him.” 

“Literally, I remember growing up and folks would have their mouths washed out with soap if they talked like this. I’ve got four kids. I don’t want these guys being models,” Newsom proclaimed.

Hilariously, it appears that Newsom’s in-laws are the misinformed people supporting this dangerous and demeaning rhetoric from America’s leading Governor. 

Not only that, but they are helping fund his re-election. 

Thanksgiving is sure to be an awkward one at the Newsom household.

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