REPORT: Jeffrey Epstein Provided Female Interns for Charlie Rose

Shocking new reporting from a progressive media outlet has linked elite billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to Charlie Rose, the now-disgraced mainstay of CBS’s 60 MinutesĀ for decades. Rose was forced out of his comfortable mainstream media position in the aftermath of #MeToo claims against him, alleging that the legacy media titan had made a habit of harassing and groping young women.

DemocracyNow is a left-wing media outlet known for its critical editorial stance against establishment liberalism and the mainstream Democratic Party. The outlet sources anonymous former employees of Rose, who claim that they were referred to the sexual harasser by Epstein. One 22-year old woman describes her experience being peddled between the finance and media oligarchs as “being offered up for abuse.

In a disturbing twist, one female personal assistant was supposedly advertised to Rose on the grounds of her previous employment with infamous sex abuser Harvey Weinstein. Epstein allegedly told Rose that the individual was “the world’s most perfect assistant” on account of her previous employment with Weinstein.

It’s unclear from DemocracyNow’s reporting whether or not young women were abused by Epstein before being handed off to Charlie Rose to be sexually harassed, but Epstein’s track record of sex trafficking make such as possibility entirely plausible. Epstein is currently in jail in New York, facing criminal charges related to his activities with underage girls.

The former billionaire, who was connected to Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey in his golden days, was said to make a suicide attempt in a New York jail last week. Epstein is accused of orchestrating an elaborate sex trafficking scheme in which he abused girls on his Caribbean “private island,” having evaded charges on account of his insider connections to Florida prosecutors for a decade.

Rose was forced out of his elite media perch in 2017, when the first accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior were made. Eventually, 35 women attested to his track record of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at CBS. The 60 Minutes mainstay was able to avoid accountability for his workplace behavior for decades, but the wave 0f witnesses that emerged in the wake of the #MeToo movement was enough to sink the legacy media personality.

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