Report: Jen Psaki To Leave White House For MSNBC This Spring

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answering a question regarding Biden’s dismal poll numbers during an October 2021 press briefing.

Will the White House “circle back” on this new revelation? White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki plans to leave her job this spring and join MSNBC to host her own show on their new streaming service, Peacock, NPR reports.

The White House reportedly declined to share any comments on the future of the press secretary.

“We don’t have anything to confirm about Jen’s length of planned service or any consideration about future plans,” a White House official said. “Jen is here and working hard every day on behalf of the President to get you the answers to the questions that you have, and that’s where her focus is.”

Psaki apparently refused to confirm the new role during a White House press briefing on Friday after being asked by reporters from NBC and other outlets about potential ethical conflicts popping up as a consequence of the new job.

“I have nothing to confirm about my length of public service or planned service, or anything about consideration about next plans,” Psaki said when asked about the reports she was leaving for the MSNBC role. “And my focus every day continues to be speaking on behalf of the president, answering your questions — as tough as they may be at many times, as difficult as they may be to answer at many times. And I hope that I meet my own bar of treating everybody with fairness and being equitable.”

In a typical display of their ‘unbiased’ news, NPR also noted that Psaki “has been known for subduing hostile questions in the briefing room while returning a measure of respect and decorum to relations with the press.”

Assistant to former President Trump Kayleigh McEnany seems to agree with NPR’s assertion that both the press and Psaki maintain good relations; the former White House Press Secretary was seen in a Fox News segment last December claiming that the media began asking ‘softball questions’ once Psaki began her role in the Biden White House.

“I went in and tried to have a clean slate,” McEnany said when speaking with Congressman Trey Gowdy.

“However, the questions became very caustic very quickly, very personal, you contrast that to some of the questions currently being asked of Jen Psaki, she’s been asked about a biting incident with the White House dog, she’s been asked about the White House cat, she’s been asked about the air force one color scheme; these are questions that don’t serve the American people these are questions I was never asked. Ultimately, I think a fair press is somewhere between the softballs Jen Psaki gets, the tough questions I got… somewhere in between where there’s [sic] substantive questions for the American people.”

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