REPORT: Joe Biden Orders Staff To Sever Political Ties to the Lincoln Project Following Pedophilia Scandal

White House sources have informed Big League Politics that President Joe Biden has urged his political team to keep their distance from the Lincoln Project, following revelations that the organization’s founder has acted as a sexual predator upon men in politics for years.

It’s unclear if there was an order to avoid the neoconservative group before a pedophilia scandal devastated the Lincoln Project’s reputation. The group’s founder, John Weaver, was disavowed by the organization following the revelation that he sexually harassed at least 21 young men and teenagers, including a boy as young as 14 years old.

The Lincoln Project’s founders have declined knowing anything about John Weaver’s pedophilia scandal, but sources familiar with Weaver’s egregious pattern of sexual harassment, such as populist commentator Ryan Girdusky, have suggested that at least two members of the group were familiar with outstanding allegations against the former John Kasich campaign manager. One Lincoln Project member appears to have tipped off Weaver as to the incoming bombshell report on his deviant behavior.

A source familiar with the matter has suggested that Biden was uncomfortable with cooperation with the neocon group even before the pedophilia scandal, disliking the group’s abrasive, hysterical style. Biden had been careful to avoid appearing to endorse the project during the campaign, which he viewed as part of a Twitter political universe that was distracted from reaching the average American voter.

The group of former establishment Republican consultants have hoped to advance a neocon policy agenda within the confines of the Democratic Party, seeking to ingratiate themselves with over-the-top attacks on President Trump and conservatives. It appears their desire to prostrate themselves before the Democrat establishment will end in vain, with the has-been big money consultants largely locked out of the Biden administration and political infrastructure.

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