REPORT: Justin Fairfax on Sex Assault Accuser: ‘F*** That *itch”

Democrat Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax reportedly expressed disdain for Vanessa Tyson, the Stanford fellow accusing Fairfax of sexually assaulting her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Fairfax, who then worked as John Edwards’ “body man” on the John Kerry campaign, is slated to become governor if Ralph Northam resigns from office for his racist yearbook photo. But Northam’s resignation is now complicated by Fairfax’s scandal, and by third-in-line attorney general Mark Herring’s admission that Herring also wore blackface in college.

Fairfax is not happy, according to NBC News.

Big League Politics reported:

According to an early Tuesday morning NPR report, the woman who accused Virginia’s Democratic Lieutenant Governor of sexual assault has retained legal counsel, and is considering “next steps.”

“NEWS: A California woman accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault has hired Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team – Katz, Marshall and Banks – and is consulting with them about next steps, according to a source close to the legal team,” said NPR correspondent Sarah McCammon.

Big League Politics first reported that Vanessa Tyson had accused Fairfax of sexual assault Sunday evening.

Fairfax has refused to apply the standard to which Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was held during the Blasey Ford allegations- believing all women without due process – and vehemently denied the allegations, threatening to sue BLP in a desperate denial released at 3 a.m. Monday. He later did the same to The Washington Post, who disputed his account as to why they spiked the story after they learned of the allegations years ago.

Monday, Fairfax speculated wildly as to who might have been behind the leak of the sexual assault allegations. He appeared to suggest that embattled Governor Ralph Northam, also a Democrat, might have been the source of the leak. BLP exposed Northam’s racist past on Friday, igniting a national furor has lead to calls for Northam’s resignation from powerful Democrats nationwide.

So far, both men have refused to resign.

The law firm did not immediately respond to a comment request.


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