REPORT: Kristi Noem Attacking “Far Right” South Dakota Legislators

“We, the people of South Dakota, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberties…” begins South Dakota’s state constitution.

Some conservatives have argued that such liberties are not entirely protected in South Dakota, often pointing to Governor Kristi Noem’s refusal to ban the forcing of experimental drugs statewide be it from Covid-19 inoculations or otherwise. Many also expressed anger at Noem’s decision to veto legislation banning men from participating in women’s sports, a policy she seemed to later backtrack on after recently signing a law prohibiting the act.

It is worth noting that South Dakota is a state that has extreme Republican control. As Daniel Horowitz of TheBlaze pointed out, “Republicans control the state Senate 32-3 and the state House 62-8.”

Now a new report out of the Argus Leader has revealed that Noem plans to involve herself in lower-level legislative races, taking more of what she described as a “hands-on” approach. The report mentions the governor is also working with President Pro Tempore Sen. Lee Schoenbeck “to unseat far-right members of the party seeking re-election.”

An image shared by Horowitz featured a list of candidates; those who are highlighted have been vetted by the establishment and thus deemed not “far-right.”

Horowitz speculated on what Noem and her cronies might mean when applying the “far-right” label to their political enemies.

But what does “far right” mean? People who oppose men in female sports, chemical castration of minors, corporations violating human rights and mandating dangerous shots, but support reduced taxes? The aforementioned issues have essentially been the dividing lines between the governor and some of the House conservatives over the past two years. These members were pushing for a half-percent reduction in the sales tax, but were stymied by the governor. Then they tried to eliminate the sales tax on food and institute a gas tax holiday, something done even in some blue states. Yet the governor evidently opposes it enough to primary them out of office.

It was just last year when conservatives in the state and around the country expressed outrage after the governor refused to support a bill banning men from competing in women’s sports.

“All of the people on her target list are true Christian conservatives, and those are the people she wants gone,” said Rep. Rhonda Milstead, the lead sponsor of HB 1217, the female sports bill, in an interview with TheBlaze.

Horowitz further described what remains a massive rift in the Republican Party, explaining that it is not truly a “divide between conservatives and liberals or moderate Republicans and ‘far right’ Republicans,” but rather “an unbridgeable gap between the priorities and the values of the average red state voter and the special interests that control the powerful entities in the state.”

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