Report: Michigan Lawmakers Want Fast-Food Chains to Stop Offering Gendered Toys

Today in leftist insanity, at least 12 state lawmakers in the Michigan House of Representatives are supporting legislation that would force fast food chains to stop doling out gendered toys with children’s meals, according to a Daily Signal report.

“I would visit fast-food restaurants and when you go through the drive-thru they always ask if you want a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy, which was really annoying. Just offer people a toy … and move on with it,” State Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) told The Daily Signal. “How do we get caught up in gender identity with a toy?”

Perhaps Love might be the one caught up with the gender identity of the toys. While most normal people would simply go on about their day after the drive-thru, others apparently become incensed.

“We’re telling them [children] in advance … that this toy equals a boy and this toy equals a girl,” Love reportedly said. “We’re setting up this prejudice in our children unconsciously, unknowingly. It has become so ingrained that this dysfunction is almost normal.”

The legislation would bar the restaurants from offering a “girls toy” or a “boys toy,” forcing them to simply offer the customer a toy, or call the toy by its name, like a dinosaur or a pony.

According to the report, the law says:

“If a customer desires a toy, it should be one of his or her choice without classification by gender. Customers should simply be offered the choice of toy. Boys are more likely to play with toys that develop spatial intelligence and reasoning than girls. These skills are especially important for success in academic and professional domains, including science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).”

The line of argumentation here is that children’s toys that come with fast food meals are holding girls back from STEM professions. Seriously.

Alas, there is a much more likely way that this will end – with fast food chains discontinuing the practice of handing out toys with meals in the state of Michigan. Liberals suck the fun out of everything.


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