REPORT: MTG Stands Up For Christians And America

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The anti-Christian media has been hard at work with leftist politicians and interest groups to target believers across the country with slander and propaganda, attempting to prop up and demonize the term “Christian nationalism.” But some conservatives are standing up and fighting back.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) released a video on Friday, boldly owning the term leftists are trying to weaponize against Christians: Christian nationalism. “If ‘Christian nationalism’ is something to be scared of, they’re lying to you. And they’re lying to you on purpose, because that is exactly the temperature change that is happening in America today and they can’t control it; they can’t control it, and that’s what terrifies them the most,” Greene declared in her warning to believers in the U.S.


As Christians increase their push against the nation’s decline, the media is aiming to silence them through fear.

Greene has identified one of the dark vectors of attack coming from unscrupulous politicians and journalists, and is rallying Christians to push back. The same people that sold a cutscene from a video game to the public as footage of the “Ghost of Kiev” — a fictitious character that existed only in media reports, not in reality — are now creating a new illusion: a threat of Christian nationalism. 

Pointing to the riots of 2020 that were condoned and cheered by Democrats, Greene pointed out the hypocrisy of the bad-faith actors in the media, interest groups and government, who are attempting to tie Christians to domestic terrorism.

In her video, Rep. Greene stated that:

If we’re going to label it ‘Christian nationalism,’ this movement will actually be the movement that stops the school shootings; this will be the movement that stops the crime in our streets; this will be the movement that stops the sexual immorality and teaches children, and brings them up in traditional families and loving homes; this will be the movement that protects kids’ innocence and nurtures them into responsible adults that grow up to be successful moms and dads wanting to pursue a family of their own; this will be the movement that finally does something about our debt, because it’s something that all of us should be ashamed of …; this will be the movement that cares about broken and lost communities, communities that are always forgotten about. Christians should never forget about those people, and we don’t. 

So, while the media is going to lie about you and label ‘Christian nationalism,’ and they’re probably going to call it ‘domestic terrorism,’ I’m going to tell you right now: they’re the liars. And if anybody’s a domestic terrorist, it’s the radical left; they’re the domestic terrorists. We could even say the Democrats are domestic terrorists because they funded them, and they burned down our city streets and rioted in 2020; so, if we’re going to put labels on people, we should put labels where they appropriately belong, not on Christians and not on people who love their country and want to take care of it.

And, unfortunately, many Americans are already taking the bait, turning on Christians for a perceived threat created entirely by anti-Christians in the media.

Some immediately dub “Christian nationalism” as “problematic” because they think it has something to do with “White nationalism.” But this is false, as Christians of all races, classes and denominations are grouped together under the banner. And all of these groups are beginning to work against the blatantly anti-Christian culture and policy regime being imposed on them and their families. As a result, they are now being targeted by a dangerous group with troubling intentions for America’s future.


On daytime television, Tara Setmayer, co-host on ABC’s “The View,” attempted on Tuesday to blame Christian nationalism for mass shootings in America, claiming, “It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this.” She continued, appearing to tie without evidence and contrary to all available facts — the recent shooting in Texas to Christianity in America, “Particularly in Texas, this is a growing movement. It’s God, guns and Trump. Or God, guns and whatever.”

As reported by Fox News, fellow co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, joined in the slander, blaming Christians for slavery and racism, saying, “It’s always been like this. This is the way it was down south.” The same article that reported on Goldberg’s comments mentioned another article published last month by TIME that was titled “It’s Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy and Violence.”

Despite the fact that Christianity is obviously not a significant variable in any of the recent mass shootings and ignoring the fact that it was actually Western Christian nations that ended the international slave trade this continued slander and aggressive attack on Christians in the form of continued propaganda efforts should cause believers across the nation — and the world — to pause and take note of the situation.

In the mainstream press, manipulators of perceived reality at the Washington Post published an article on May 20 titled “With the Buffalo massacre, white Christian nationalism strikes again.” In an extraordinary display of dishonesty, the authors of the article attempted to tie the mass shooter in Buffalo — who is not a Christian — to Christianity, and label it “Christian nationalism.”

The evidence provided for this imaginary claim was only the authors’ assertion that, in his writings, by “American” the shooter actually meant “Christian” — despite the fact that, again, he is not a Christian.  The Post claimed that, “White Christian nationalism has become intertwined with the ‘great replacement’ theory, which holds that a corrupt elite made up of Jews and Democrats is carrying out a plot to replace ‘real’ Americans by engineering mass immigration from the Third World.”

On Twitter, an account named “Right Wing Watch” shared Greene’s video with its 334,000 Twitter followers in a post that completely misquoted Rep. Greene, claiming she called “anyone who opposes” Christian nationalism a “domestic terrorist.” At this time, Twitter has yet to notify its users about the dangerous disinformation, aimed at officials in the U.S. government, coming from this account.

In an attempt to draw attention away from the Biden administration’s many disasters, at home and abroad, the left has been trying every smear they can to attack conservatives. Greene is letting Christians know, loud and clear, that they are the next focus of the left’s media war machine.

And, doubling down on God, she is calling for America to return to its Christian roots in order to solve the many historic, spiritual problems we face as a nation.


Despite the onslaught of attacks and ongoing slander aimed at Christian conservatives, their strength is growing in Congress. Congressional challengers like Kathy Barnett, who ran with zero name recognition and nearly defeated a television star who had former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, are gaining momentum across the nation by standing up for Christian principles. And the support for these candidates will only grow stronger, as voters begin to see things clearer with time.

Christian conservatives in the U.S. should follow Greene’s lead and double down on their push to save America. It’s clear that this administration stands against the family values that made this country great, and that the media is firmly against Christianity. If Christians allow media lies to make them back down, the United States may never recover.

As disorganized Christians face an organized assault from the left, this could be the moment that saves the United States from decline, if conservatives can push on undeterred by the smears that will inevitably grow.

Conservatives will do well to remember where their politicians were when their religion was attacked and defamed for fighting to restore the values of this Christian nation.



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