REPORT: North Carolina Declares State of Emergency, Mandatory Curfew is Coming Next

Infowars reported on March 21, 2020 about North Carolina’s latest state of emergency declaration.

According to the report, “North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety reportedly issued a statute imposing a statewide curfew effective until April of NEXT YEAR.”

A certificate was apparently given to a healthcare professional as an exemption waiver for a curfew that is expected to come. This certificate also explains Governor Roy Cooper’s state of emergency declaration and the mandatory curfew that will be enacted.

The certificate received signatures from North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety Secretary and the Division of Emergency Management director.

The Infowars article noted the following:

At the bottom of the document, an expiration date of April 30, 2021 is clearly visible, indicating the statewide emergency declaration could last well over a year.

David Knight of Infowars tweeted about this news as well:

Photo below is from North Carolina NOTE expiration date @ bottom: April 2021 more than a year from now Bigger than #COVID19 Referenced statute gives exemptions for essential deliveries UNDER CURFEW Military doctrine #martiallaw2020: #lockdown movement, communication, shooting

This decision came in the wake of California, Illinois, and New York issuing their respective statewide “shelter in place” orders during the Wuhan virus crisis.

Many blue states will be taking advantage of this crisis to impose despotic policies on law-abiding citizens.

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