REPORT: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Dies After Undergoing Botched Medical Treatment

Multiple media reports from across the world are reporting that North Korean dictator Kim-Jong-un is dead after botched cardiovascular surgery.

TMZ reported on Saturday morning that several media sources in Japan and China are claiming that Kim is dead. A Hong Kong-backed news channel’s vice director made the claim on her Twitter account. Meanwhile, another Japanese news outlet is claiming that Kim is in a “vegetative state” after the surgery went wrong.

A surgeon with shady hands is being blamed for the botch. Kim reportedly needed a stint after suffering chest pains and falling earlier in the month. President Trump sent his regards to his great friend following the initial rumors with whom he has been working on a peace deal for years.

Today, the Democratic Republic of North Korea is celebrating the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army in 1932.

Kim has dominated worldwide headlines over the past several years because of his budding relationship with Trump, with Trump hoping that he could open up the communist nation to foreign investment while convincing Kim to give up his nuclear weapons.

Big League Politics reported on the historic peace summits between the two men when they took place in 2018 and 2019:

Donald Trump became the first U.S President to enter North Korea on Sunday, taking a few steps inside the nation’s territory in a meeting with the country’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

The President had chosen to engage in an impromptu meeting with the North Korean leader while attending the nearby G20 Summit in Japan. President Trump has made unprecedented diplomacy with North Korea a highlight of his Presidency, reaching out with an olive branch to the historically hostile socialist country.

President Trump and Kim Jong-un spoke at the meeting, with the Supreme Leader hailing the President’s decision to reach out in a sign of peace. Speaking in English, the North Korean leader told the President that it was “good to see you… I never expected to meet you in this place.” The two were meeting at a so-called “peace village” located in the heavily surveilled demilitarized zone marking the border between North and South Korea.

President Trump went on to express his desire to attend a third diplomatic summit to resolve decades of hostility between North Korea and the United States. The President has offered generous proposals to the North Koreans in exchange to a commitment to denuclearization from the hereditary dictatorship, which is known for a level of isolation in the global community that is relatively unmatched.

Kim dying suddenly and unexpectedly would certainly be good news for the globalists who want more global conflicts that they can cash out on while robbing President Trump of a signature foreign policy achievement.

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