Report: President Trump Planning to Remove FBI Director Christopher Wray After Election

Fox News reported Sunday that President Donald Trump is strongly considering removing FBI Director Christopher Wray from his position in the event he wins a second term in office next week.

Two purported senior White House officials said that the President is planning to remove Wray after the election.

Another official also indicated that Secretary of Defense Mark Esper would be fired after the election.

Wray has served in the position of FBI Director since 2017, overseeing an agency throughout a series of congressional inquiries into official misconduct in the 2016 presidential election.

Reports have emerged suggesting that the FBI, under Wray’s leadership, kept Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop secret after it was seized into government custody by order of a subpoena. The computer repairman who legally acquired it has described being browbeaten into silence by FBI agents after he reported his possession of the device, expressing his surprise that the highest level of law enforcement would essentially tell him to keep his mouth shut.

The FBI has been increasingly absent when it comes to investigating left-wing crime and policing Deep State-style corruption and partisan behavior within its own ranks. President Trump’s tentative second term will likely include thorough reforms to institute accountability and professional integrity within the federal bureaucracy.


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