Report: President Trump Said Son-in-Law Jared Kushner ‘More Loyal to Israel Than the US’ as White House Adviser

President Donald Trump told his son-in-law Jared Kushner was “more loyal to Israel than the U.S.” during his time as White House senior adviser, according to a new book.

Journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa report in their new book, “Peril,” that Trump made the comments during at least one White House meeting.

“‘You know,’ Trump joked in a meeting, ‘Jared’s more loyal to Israel than the United States,'” Woodward and Costa wrote in their book.

While this allegation is presented out of context and may be coming from dubious sources, there are still major problems with Kushner’s liberal, globalist ideology that have nothing to do with the state of Israel.

Big League Politics reported on how Kushner brought social justice issues into the fold during President Trump’s second presidential campaign, which ultimately resulted in Trump’s ouster from the oval office:

The most influential adviser within the Trump administration has arguably been Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law. He has pushed the administration to the Left, using his power to shift the White House on issues like immigration, criminal justice, and foreign policy.

As the Trump re-election campaign sputters, conservative leaders have placed the blame directly on Kushner. His fingerprints are all over the campaign strategy, as they are virtually every other aspect of the Trump operation.

“Trump has a Jared problem,” an immigration hawk who works with the White House told The Spectator. Others roll their eyes and reference “four more years of Jared” when talking about Trump’s re-election chances.

Kushner has become Trump’s go-to guy on the most important issues facing America, despite observers referring to him as “slow,” “a moron,” and “not really that bright.” Conservative leaders have remarked that Kushner knew little if anything about his own comprehensive immigration plan while he was attempting to sell the plan to them. He apparently could not speak on issues like chain migration and diversity visa lottery, being clueless about the areas in need of reform.

“He presents as someone very knowledgeable and in the know until he faces questions,” a source close to the White House said. “He goes off the record or on deep background so people don’t realize he’s a f**king idiot.”

While many attribute Kushner’s missteps to idiocy, others believe that there may be nefarious motives behind his blundering. They believe that Kushner, whose Soros connections are well-documented, is intentionally sabotaging the Trump administration on behalf of the globalist establishment.

If Donald Trump runs for the presidency again in 2024, he will need to keep Kushner far away from any position of influence in order to have success.

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