REPORT: Rosenstein Got Cohen Info Days Before Whitaker

Matthew Whitaker’s ascension to acting attorney general gave optimism to President Trump supporters tired of the cynical manipulation of our Justice Department by anti-Trump actors. But that optimism might be premature — or at least complicated.

Rod Rosenstein is reportedly still getting information before Whitaker when it comes to the Michael Cohen case that the

Fox News reports: “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s office was notified of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s plea deal at least two days before Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker received the same information, Fox News has learned…But a source familiar with the timeline told Fox News that Whitaker was only informed of the impending plea deal between Mueller and Cohen on Wednesday afternoon. A source close to President Trump confirmed they were informed Wednesday evening…”

That’s not good. Matthew Whitaker seemingly needs to assert himself more at his new job, since he is technically overseeing the Mueller special counsel investigation. He is also technically overseeing the federal prosecutors who are coming after — and working with — Michael Cohen.

The Cohen case is being run out of New York and it’s just as much of a partisan circus as the Mueller “investigation.”

I reported:

Michael Cohen’s new attorney Guy Petrillo — part of a team with Amy Lester — represents Cohen as he gives information over to New York prosecutors as part of his cooperation related to his crime of lying to investigators. Those prosecutors are still loyal to anti-Trump activist Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney fired by the Trump administration. (CONFLICT: Cohen Prosecutor’s Wife’s Firm Is Being Investigated by the Trump Administration).

“Petrillo and his wife live in Chappaqua and run in the same circles as the Clintons,” a top-level FBI source told Big League Politics on the record.

Big League Politics has confirmed that Cohen’s attorney resides less than a three-mile drive from the Hillary Clinton residence, but we have redacted all addresses.

Cohen recently changed his party registration back to Democrat and told people to vote in the midterms against President Trump.

Politico described how Petrillo’s firm represented Andrew Cuomo in his dealings:


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