Report: Twitter Deletes 10,000 Accounts for ‘Discouraging Voting’ At Behest of Democrats

According to a Friday report, Twitter took it upon itself to jump into the middle of the midterm election process, banning 10,000 accounts that “discouraged people from voting.”

“We took action on relevant accounts and activity on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesman told Reuters, adding that the removals occurred in late September and early October.

According to the report, the accounts were “automated,” though Twitter did not clarify exactly which accounts were deleted. The effort was apparently at the behest of the Democratic party, which claimed that the accounts “wrongly appeared to be from Democrats.”

“Twitter removed more than 10,000 accounts, according to three sources familiar with the Democrats’ effort,” the report said. “The number is modest, considering that Twitter has previously deleted millions of accounts it determined were responsible for spreading misinformation in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

The leftists in Silicon Valley are now actively deciding what information is accurate, and allowing or disallowing that information to be shared based on their subjective reasoning. That is a recipe for disaster.

According to the report some of the Tweets “discouraged Democratic men from voting, saying that would drown out the voice of women, according to two of the sources familiar with the flagging operation.”

Such messages are not necessarily spam, considering the Democratic party has gone bonkers with identity politics. Just yesterday, a prominent Democrat called for straight, white males to be banned from voting completely. Based on their track record, it is completely within the realm of possibility that far-left crazies would seriously discourage certain demographics from voting.

Meanwhile, Twitter has suspended the accounts of prominent journalists who have exposed the misdeeds of Democrats, like Laura Loomer.

Loomer confronted Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) several times about documented accusations of domestic violence, causing him to drop in the polls. Her account was suspended through election day without explanation.

Big League Politics reported:

Laura Loomer has been suspended from Twitter for the last week of the 2018 midterm election.

“No. None at all,” Loomer said when asked if she was given a reason for the banishment. “This is absurd.”

Loomer’s suspension appears to last until November 7.

This is called “Censorship Trolling.”

The good news for those interested in fair elections is that several of the Silicon Valley giants, including Twitter, were hit with a Federal Election Commission complaint for election interference on Friday.

Until the feds reign in the power of the social media titans, stories like these will recur.

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