REPORT: Virginia Governor Northam Violating Stay-at-Home Orders With Travel to North Carolina Vacation Home

Reports have surfaced in a coastal North Carolina community of none other than Virginia Governor Ralph Northam arriving in town and violating multiple county and state stay-at-home orders.

Eyewitness accounts describe Northam as leaving Virginia, flying into North Carolina’s Dare County with the use of a private plane. He’s purportedly used private drivers to pick him up from Wright Memorial Airport, who take the governor to his vacation home in Manteo, North Carolina.

A Virginia man who describes having been briefed on the matter by Dare County residents has been unable to receive concrete answers on Northam’s whereabouts.

He claims to have spoken “with numerous people in Dare County who have seen or heard that Northam is going to and from his vacation home on a regular basis. When questions are being asked of those who could answer questions- the local sheriff in Dare County, the security guards at the Pirates Cove gated community, First Flight Airport, etc – EVERYONE becomes suspiciously quiet and off the record says they are sure Northam is there but on the record do not want their name tied to it, and refuse to provide proof- like security guards log from the gated community or like flight logs from the airport.

Another area witness describes Northam as having traveled to the area with his state police escort on the weekends.

This sort of luxury travel is expressly forbidden under multiple stay at home orders- most prominently, the one that Northam has enacted as governor of Virginia. Dare County has also enacted a restriction on travel into the county on individuals who are not North Carolina residents, placing Northam in violation of the county’s restrictions by entering the area as a Virginia resident.

A car in the driveway of the vacation home owned by Northam on Monday had a license plate containing the letters ‘VMI,’ quite possibly a reference to the Virginia Military Institute, of which Northam is an alumni.

As reported originally on Big League Politics, Ralph Northam is most famous for appearing in his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook with as either a man dressed in blackface or wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe. Northam has refused to say which person in the photograph was him.

An inquiry into the matter to Governor Northam’s press office has been ignored as of Tuesday evening.

The Governor’s office might be keeping quiet, but other Virginia officials aren’t. State Senator Amanda Chase took to Facebook to respond to the reports.

Unless Northam can answer the questions involving his illegal travel to a vacation home in spite of his own stay-at-home order, Virginians will be left with no choice other than to identify the controversial governor as a hypocrite.




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