‘Reporter’ Does PR For Facebook, Trashes #WalkAway Founder After Facebook Ban

In an attempt to smear a wildly a successful campaign that has tens of thousands of people fleeing from the Democrat party, an Observer reporter enlisted in the fight to smear Brandon Straka and his #WalkAway project.

“This reporter at the Observer – Davis Richardson – wrote a hit piece on me, saying that my ban was lifted and I was lying about it,” Straka, the founder of #WalkAway, told Big League Politics. 

Richardson gleefully did his duty as a mainstream press PR Agent reporter, defending Facebook, who apparently called Straka’s ban a “mistake.”

“Later [Wednesday] evening, however, Observer received an email from a Facebook representative contradicting Straka’s narrative of Internet censorship: Although his account was temporarily blocked from posting on Wednesday, the restriction was a mistake and his page had already been restored that afternoon. Straka also received an apology from the company,” Richardson wrote.

But according to Straka, Facebook never contacted him to tell him that his ban was lifted, and has yet to reach out to him to relay that message. He has not received any form of communication – let alone an apology – from the tech giant other than the generic Wednesday message that he was banned from posting.

“Why is Facebook reaching out to a reporter, and not me?” Straka asked incredulously.

Further, Richardson accused  Straka of exaggerating his ban for political gain.

“Still, as of Thursday, well after his account had been reinstated, Straka was milking the Facebook ‘ban’ narrative over Twitter, quoting yet another friendly outlet that had amplified his message,” Richardson wrote.

But Straka told Big League Politics that he and Richardson never spoke between the time when the #WalkAway account was allegedly re-instated, and when Richardson published his hit piece. Richardson, thus, could not have possibly known whether Straka was aware that his ban had been lifted.

The proper protocol would have been to ask Straka whether he was aware that his ban had been lifted, but Richardson skipped that step and proceeded with the story anyway.

Straka posted screenshots of his Facebook ban on Twitter early Wednesday afternoon.

“FACEBOOK JUST BANNED ME AS I AM PLANNING THE March on Washington!!! I have been banned from posting leading up to the March. This is devastated for our ability to reach people!!! I was banned for mentioning my interview with Alex Jones. Can anybody help???” he wrote.


Apparently, linking to InfoWars no longer comports with Facebook’s community standards.

Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, has been embattled with Silicon Valley tech giants, all of whom have deplatformed him in an attempt to silence conservative thought.

Stalinistic Democrats have naturally celebrated Jones’ ban.

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