Reporter Says on MSNBC That Support for Trump Has Intensified Since He Left White House

A reporter who appeared on an MSNBC segment implied that former president Donald Trump is likely intensifying his already wide support and influence.

Politico’s Tara Palmeri recently visited Cheyenne, Wyoming, to cover the anti-Liz Cheney rally led by Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-01). She noted how significantly popular Trump continues to be and how strongly the people distrust Washington.

Donald Trump is way more popular than [Liz Cheney] is, from the people I spoke to. And I actually went out of my way to try to find someone who would defend her. And I really couldn’t. […] She didn’t have that much name recognition considering she’s a Cheney,” Palmeri said. “What I heard overwhelmingly from the people that were against her: she did not vote for Wyoming when she voted to impeach [Trump] and therefore she has to go.”

Palmeri described the anti-Cheney sentiment as a “crusade for Trump” and believes she would be in a lot of trouble if a primary election were held today.

Palmeri also said people wouldn’t want to talk to her if she was wearing her mask and that she didn’t “feel safe” when she begrudgingly took it off. The duration of the segment was largely devoted to the “craziness” of Palmeri’s experience, though she summed it up well by saying that there’s a “huge disconnect” between Washington elites and heartland Americans. Trump supporters couldn’t agree more.

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