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Reporter Whose Work Led To FISA Warrants Was ‘Recruited’ By Hillary Clinton



Michael Isikoff, the Yahoo News reporter whose article on Carter Page’s supposed links to the Kremlin formed the basis for FISA warrants to surveil President Donald Trump’s team, was personally recruited for the job by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

This new evidence further disqualifies the Russia collusion narrative by proving the whole thing was a set-up orchestrated by Hillary Clinton. The fact that Rod Rosenstein and other Deep State conspirators signed off on FISA warrants based on Isikoff’s reporting only further demolishes their own credibility in this case.

Big League Politics reported:

Yahoo News and its reporter Michael Isikoff are under fire after it was revealed that the news outlet coordinated with Fusion GPS and its founder Glenn Simpson to publicize the fake findings of the anti-Trump dossier.
In fact, a Yahoo News article by Isikoff was presented as evidence to get a FISA warrant to surveil Trump Tower, even though the article counted Simpson as its prime source.

Here is the section from the Memo:

“2) The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. Perkins Coie was aware of Steele’s initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington D.C. in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed.”…

The Hillary Clinton campaign issued a press release on September 24, 2016 promoting information from the Christopher Steele dossier.

That press release has almost completely been scrubbed from the Internet, but is preserved in at least one tweet and in an Internet archive sponsored by The American Presidency Project.

The Clinton campaign, which funded the debunked dossier in an effort to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump Tower, actively promoted a “Bombshell Report About Trump Aide’s Chilling Ties To Kremlin.” The Trump aide with the purported Kremlin ties was Carter Page. The “bombshell report” was a Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff headlined “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin.”

Rep. Devin Nunes’ intelligence memo makes clear that Isikoff’s article, which was promoted by the Clinton campaign, used Christopher Steele as its source and was used to help obtain the FISA warrant. The FISA warrant application falsely states that Steele did not leak information to Yahoo News.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in American politics,” Hillary for America says in its statement, which called the information in Isikoff’s article “chilling.”

The Swamp

WATCH: Election Fraud Operative OPENLY Bribes Voter for Mail-in Ballot: “We Don’t Care Illegal”

Paying for votes.



Project Veritas released a second round of footage exposing an organized Minneapolis election fraud ring on Tuesday, revealing that campaign organizers working for the scheme are openly paying members of the local Somali community for unmarked mail-in ballots.

Now… take this money for your pocket change,” says the ballot harvester. He hand the mans 200 dollars and explains that he’ll pick up his ballot after the man receives it in the mail. The same man confirms that he currently owes money to Somalian terrorist organization al-Shabaab.

Another fraudster goes on to clarify that “we don’t care illegal” in reference to the legality of the criminal ballot harvesting ring.

The release follows video that revealed an operative for Minneapolis councilor Jamal Osman harvesting more than 300 ballots, which he had collected in his car. It is a felony violation of Minnesota election law for one individual to deliver the mail-in ballots of more than three people.

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Remarkably, another election fraud operative points to Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as an instrumental figure in the voter fraud scheme. “She’s the one who came up with all of this.” The former Omar employee confirms that “people who work for Ilhan” are counting the ballots and counting the votes.

This is a gravely serious and highly organized criminal enterprise, that fundamentally jeopardizes the integrity of Minnesota’s pending federal and local elections. The US Marshals should expedite an urgent investigation into this election fraud ring.

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