Republican Andy Harris Stands Up To Racism Smear After Charles Johnson Meeting

Andy Harris, Republican from Maryland, Appropriations Committee member, said on C-Span’s Washington Journal Friday that he met with writer and investor Charles C. Johnson to discuss DNA sequencing technology, which could stand to reform rape kit and sexual assault law enforcement procedures.

“I am not a white supremacist, even though the Huffington Post and other left-wing journalists might claim it…I’m not a white supremacist…and even the suggestion even on this program that this somehow associates me with this is repulsive.”

Harris settled the matter effectively, with the host moving on to callers.

Harris is fighting hard for the Wall, noting that both passed Democrat House bills specifically preclude any new wall building:
“No new walls.”

“Walls and fences work,” Harris said.

Harris also exposed how the Democrats are stripping pro-life protections out of their failing bills, which Mitch McConnell is not introducing in the Senate.


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