Republican Congressman Bob Good Believes Democrats’ Universal Gun Grab Could Effectively Create a System of Gun Registration

Democrats were able to score a small victory on March 11, 2021, after they passed H.R. 8, the 2021 iteration of a universal background check bill. Should this bill receive Joe Biden’s signature, it would mark the most significant piece of gun control legislation passed at the federal level since the Brady Act and the Assault Weapons Ban of the 1990s.

Virginia Congressman Bob Good warned that this bill would establish a “de facto gun registry” in America. H.R. 8 would expand point-of-sale background checks at stores and now include point-of-sale background checks for private firearms sales. 

Good believes that H.R.8’s expansive nature would have the government’s nose in all gun sales, which in effect creates, as AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News observed, “a paper trail that will serve as a registry.”

In a piece at the Wall Street Journal, Good was quoted: “This bill creates a de facto gun registry by involving the federal government in every gun transfer, including private transfers and gifts, or else how will we enforce these requirements?”

Good continued, “For my Democrat friends who suggest that conservatives and gun owners are paranoid about a national registry, you bet we are.”

Good is an interesting character. During the 2020 election season, Good demonstrated a willingness to engage in otherwise taboo issues such as challenging legal migration. His decision to stir the pot likely helped him pull off a major upset against incumbent House member Denver Riggleman.

Good is a freshman congressman who America First activists should keep their eyes on. He may likely form part of the new America First bloc of elected officials who challenge the GOP on wedge issues ranging from gun rights to immigration.

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