Republican Congressman Demands DOJ Justify Treasonous Release Of Huawei CFO

Free breathing for me, masks for thee.

The figurehead of the Biden regime and his family has had an illustrious history of conspiring with Communist China in some capacity for quite some time, epitomizing the self-serving nature of the modern American politician and selling the country out bit by bit in the process. The latest example of this mentality came on the 24th of September when the DOJ allowed the CFO of Huawei Meng WanZhou to return to the Red Dragon without having to face the long arm of justice, an arm which appears to be curiously selective in its enforcement.

According to The Epoch Times, House Armed Services Committee member Jim Banks (R-Ind.) is asking for an explanation from Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the release of Meng back into China without facing justice for blatantly violating international law. Meng had previously been detained in Canada around three years prior on behalf of the American government. She was to be extradited to America for not just violating sanctions against Iran but also lying about committing those violations.

In what many would consider a legal slap in the face to the American people and the West in general, the DOJ announced several days ago that the charges against Meng would not only be deferred until December of 2022 but they could potentially be dropped before then if Meng complied with particular clauses in the agreement.

In a completely unrelated story, the two Canadians that were arrested in China and handed the death penalty in a retrial (China’s judicial system is rather complicated) right after Meng was arrested in Canada were also released from Chinese custody, representing what many consider to be a blatant example of China’s successful ‘hostage diplomacy”

It was this string of controversy that prompted Congressman Banks to officially demand that Garland explain the actions of his department that many would consider treasonous. He stated, “There is incontrovertible evidence that Huawei violated our laws and Meng Wanzhou attempted to cover it up,” and Meng acknowledged her role in “helping conceal Huawei’s direct dealing with Iran and violating U.S. sanctions”

Congressman Banks noted the one-sided nature of the exchange, in which China was given one of the country’s top CFOs back, who was unsurprisingly welcomed back as a “hero”, and America once was the sucker who got less than a goose egg. Banks went so far as to say that “the agreement with Meng and China’s release of these two prisoners clearly suggests a prisoner swap”

Unsurprisingly, the DOJ has yet to even respond to Banks’ letter.

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