Republican Congressman Introduces Legislation that Would Empower Families to Take Their Children out of Public Schools that Promote Leftist Degeneracy

Is the public sector’s stranglehold over education on its way out? 

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop introduced two bills (Masks Off Act and NO CRT Act ) that would allow families to use their children’s federal education dollars and allocate them to alternative education options in the case their children’s public schools feature mask mandates or teach Critical Race Theory aka anti-White hate. 

Corey DeAngelis, the Executive Director of the Educational Freedom Institute, highlighted this on September 22  in a tweet thread. 

He tweeted, “BREAKING: Congressman Dan Bishop introduced two bills to allow families to take their children’s federal education dollars elsewhere if their public school mandates masks or advances CRT.”

DeAngelis added:

Eligible families would be able to take their children’s federal education dollars to the education provider of their choosing:

• Private school

• Tutoring

• Homeschool

• Instructional materials

• Other approved education expenses

DeAngelis has been one of the most prominent education reform advocates in the conservative-libertarian movement. He and the organizations that he is affiliated with have taken full advantage of the Wuhan virus pandemic — a time when confidence in educational institutional has reached all-time lows — to promote educational alternatives. America First conservatives must take strong stances on education and put forth proposals that defund institutions that promote leftist indoctrination.

The only way to destroy the leftist conveyor belt is by defunding it and having America’s youth flee from it. There is no need for people on the Right to turn their children into cogs for the leftist machine.

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