Republican Dragged Out Of Democrat Andrew Gillum’s Event For Opposing Violence

Conservative activist Jacob Engels was dragged out of a Jewish Temple hosting Democrat candidate for Governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum. His crime appears to be calling out violence perpetrated by his campaign, and alleged anti-Semitic beliefs held by Gillum.


Engels has been working his way across the state on his “F*** Political Correctness Truth Tour,” which Big League Politics has been following since day one.

His first stop was at a campaign event in Orlando, Florida, where Engels called out Gillum for hiring a staffer who called for the execution of Donald Trump.

At the next stop, in Tampa Florida, he was assaulted by supporters of Gillum for calling out his big money support from George Soros.

His latest stop, along with conservative journalist Laura Loomer, resulted in him being dragged out by police.

Loomer, who is a contributor at Big League Poltics, was also forcibly removed, and will release her video soon.

Engels has been sitting peacefully in the event venue for some time before he was asked to leave the premises. Upon being asked to leave, he asked Gillum about him being assaulted at a previous event, along with calling him a “jew hater” for perceived anti-Semitism.

Big League Politics spoke to Engels moments after being removed, and he gave us his thoughts on the event, saying:

“I’m not sure what to think. Nazism has been reborn and found a warm welcome within the Democratic Party. To have a Jewish woman (Laura Loomer) and a gay man physically removed from a political forum is right out of Himmler’s playbook. The leaders of the party must condemn these tactics or we must assume they are readying the trains for departure.”

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