Republican Jewish Coalition Endorses Immigration Patriot Steve King’s Primary Opponent

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s PAC has recently donated $5,000 to Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra’s campaign against incumbent Congressman Steve King .

They announced their endorsement of the Feenstra campaign on May 7, 2020.

“Current Iowa Congressman Steve King does not represent the values of the Republican Party or those of the Republican Jewish Coalition,” declared the organization’s executive director, Matt Brooks, in a fundraising email. “His record of inflammatory comments condoning white supremacists and anti-Semites is the antithesis of our goals and values as an organization. King’s egregious record even includes meeting with and endorsing a candidate who appears on neo-Nazi podcasts.”

The Congressional primary will take place on June 2 and RJC PAC has contributed $5,000 to Feenstra’s campaign, the maximum amount a political action committee can contribute to a candidate during an election year.

“In Congress, I’ll be a champion for a strong, pro-Israel foreign policy. Honored to have the support of the @RJC,” tweeted Feenstra.

The RJC is livid that King endorsed Canadian nationalist Faith Goldy during her campaign for Toronto mayor in 2018.

They also cited a Washington Post report of King speaking in Vienna with Unzensuriert (“Uncensored”), a website associated with Austria’s nationalist Freedom Party, as another reason to vote against King during the primaries .

In 2019, King lost his committee assignments and was condemned by House colleagues after a media witch hunt against him for out of contexts he made.

King has been a staunch immigration patriot during his time in the House.

Unlike most of his colleagues, he understands the long-term implications of mass migration.

The post-1965 Immigration Act status quo threatens a host of civil liberties such as the right to bear arms and free speech in the long-term.

Which is why elected officials like Steve King are so vital to have in this fight.

Now, is definitely not the time to side with the PC media. Instead, America First patriots should side with elected officials who have solid voting records on the issues that actually matter.