Republican National Hispanic Assembly Endorses Trump’s Border Wall

RNHA Endorses Trump Wall

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly publicly endorsed President Donald J. Trump’s proposal to construct a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border after months of speculation surrounding their stance.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) published an official statement on its social media channels endorsing President Trump’s wall, noting that there had been speculation on its stance because of the media constructed narrative suggesting all Hispanics oppose its construction.

We view our support to any issue with great care, seriousness, and thoughtfulness,” the Facebook post read, “So, after all the media efforts of the negative rhetoric, trying to portray that the Hispanic community is against the wall, the RNHA answered back sending an official endorsement to our President.”

Its public endorsement, posted in the form of a letter to President Trump, was undersigned by RNHA’s entire leadership, and posted to social media.

“As one of the largest, oldest and most established Hispanic political organizations in the nation, we are writing to express our support of your efforts to enhance border security with the building of a border wall or steel barrier,” the letter read, “We encourage you to take immediate action on this issue. As a Hispanic organization, we offer you our total commitment.”

“May God continue to bless you and this nation.”

The endorsement comes as rumors circulate that White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner is pushing for President Trump to barter green cards for wall funding, and Democrats have been forced to choose between ignoring violence against women and funding President Trump’s border wall.

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