Republican Official Calls for Virginians to Give Guns to Friends and Family during Christmas

The outgoing Republican chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart called on Virginians to give law-abiding friends and family members firearms for Christmas.

WUSA 9 reported that “The urge comes in response to Democratic promises to pass new gun laws when they take power in Richmond in January.”

“A gun for Christmas, especially for self-protection, I think it’s a great gift,” Stewart stated.
Stewart expects a lot of people will be buying guns during the holiday.

When he was asked if he purchased a gun for his wife for Christmas, Stewart laughed.

“Well that’s a secret,” Stewart said. “I don’t want her to watch Channel 9 and know what I’m going to buy her!”

According to Second Amendment lawyers, it’s legal for an individual to give a firearm as a gift to another person, so long as the recipient is legally allowed to possess a firearm.

“It is a felony if they are not and you have knowingly given them a firearm,” attorney Ed Riley said in a video on the website of U.S. Lawshield of Virginia.

Riley asserted that it’s smarter to give a gift card, and allow the recipient to undergo a background check.

With Second Amendment Sanctuary cities taking off, Virginia will likely be a battleground for future gun control fights.

The Democrat-controlled state government— from the Governor’s mansion to the legislature— will be enthusiastic about pursuing gun control.

Gun rights activists will undoubtedly have their hands full in the next legislative session.

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