‘Republican’ Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Staffers Lobby for Democrat Voters at Mississippi Museum

Staffers of a former Democrat now running for U.S. Senate in Mississippi as a Republican were caught promoting their candidate to voters at an event for a Democrat at a civil rights museum yesterday.

“You guys are from D.C.,” said investigative reporter Ross Smith when he confronted three women outside the event. “What do you know about Cindy Hyde-Smith?”

The women, who had Sen. Hyde-Smith’s campaign signs in their car, awkwardly pretended to know nothing before driving away.


Sen. Hyde-Smith was appointed to replace retired Sen. Thad Cochran earlier this year. She is a former Democrat who switched parties to run for statewide office in a largely Republican state.

The event was a campaign rally for former House Rep. Mike Espy (D-MS). He was endorsed by Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) at the event.

Given the fact that a Democrat candidate does not have a snowball’s chance in hell at winning a U.S. Senate seat in Mississippi, it makes sense that Hyde-Smith would send representatives to the event, likely to promote herself as a moderate Republican and win crossover votes.

But Hyde-Smith has never truly left the Democrat party. In fact, she recently received a large donation from a liberal Silicon Valley billionaire.

Big League Politics reported:

“Sean Parker, billionaire founder of Napster, the online file sharing service, and early investor in Facebook, has donated $250,000 to the Victory Fund PAC, aimed at getting Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) elected, according to Pro Publica.

Parker was a large Hillary Clinton donor, too. According to the New York Times, he “gave nearly $300,000 to a joint fund-raising committee for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and dozens of state Democratic parties.”

Hyde-Smith now claims to be a Republican, but she is still accepting money from leftist donors, and has a long track record of supporting major Democrat players, including actively supporting twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton in 2008.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

She is also known for her weak stance on the Second Amendment, and tried to implement a  guns ban and random searches at state fairgrounds during her time as a State Representative.

The term “wolf in sheep’s clothing” comes to mind when describing Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith faces State Senator Chris McDaniels (R-Ellisville), and two Democrats, including Espy, in a special non-partisan election in November.

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