Republican Turncoat Justin Amash Announces Fringe Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign

Former Republican Congressman Justin Amash announced he’s forming an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President on Tuesday, confirming that the hardcore Never Trumper will run as a de facto quixotic candidate for the office.

Amash’s campaign may offer the Michigan congressman an easy way out of an embarrassing reelection defeat. Amash abandoned the Republican Party after embracing the Democratic Party’s impeachment sham, but polling from before his support of impeachment showed the libertarian trailing handily to Republican primary challengers seeking to replace him. His presidential campaign may provide him with a convenient excuse to avoid a reelection campaign he’s almost certain to lose.

Amash was slammed by figures across the political aisle for his exploratory committee announcement, including members of the House Freedom Caucus he once served with before turning his back on the Republican Party.

However, his announcement of a Libertarian Party presidential campaign may have riled up more animosity from Joe Biden Democrats than Republicans. Few members of the GOP, a party that overwhelmingly supports President Trump, want to vote for a hardcore libertarian ideologue, whereas voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden is the lowest that has been seen in decades for a Democratic presidential nominee.

The initial link to Amash’s campaign website showed a login page after he tweeted it out, an embarrassing technical difficulty.

Amash could very well siphon away more votes from voters who would otherwise vote for Joe Biden, perhaps implicitly aiding President Trump’s re-election prospects in states such as Michigan. Stringent #VoteBlue Democrats typically accustomed to demanding that Bernie Sanders supporters declare an oath of fealty to the party establishment turned their cannons on Amash after the announcement, making it clear they weren’t pleased with his third party campaign.

True irony would be the hardcore libertarian implicitly aiding the President’s reelection after embracing a dubious impeachment hoax over foreign aid to Ukraine. Amash is by far the most prominent figure seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

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