Republican Wing Of Swamp Attempts To Co-Opt Red Wave Energy In Michigan With Beau LaFave

The face of the next generation of swamp creatures.

Ever since Trump glided down the escalator in June of 2015, a political war has been waged within the Republican Party over whose vision for the country would take priority. On one hand, there was the established Neoconservative faction who controlled most of the levers of GOP power at the time and have squealed at every right-wing public figure who so much as voiced skepticism over the global empire of military bases that cost the taxpayers a fortune and the ire of vast swaths of the Global South. On the other side, the America First wing of the Republican Party, initiated by Patrick Buchanan’s candidacy in the 1992 Presidential election but exponentially amplified by the phenomenon that is Donald Trump, seeks to return power from the globalist elite of either party and back to the American people.

In recent months, the RINO cabal at the federal and state level have felt ever more emboldened by the presence of the Biden regime to shift the GOP’s Overton window back towards globalism, free trade, and mass immigration. One of the latest examples of this boldness comes in the form of Michigan State Representative and unofficial super Millennial Beau LaFave. LaFave is one of the State Representatives that are based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the sparely populated conservative bastion that was responsible for flipping the state red in 2016.

LaFave has recently announced his candidacy for Secretary of State for the Great Lakes State and is contending with Kristina Karamo, a staunch supporter of a full forensic audit and a voter fraud whistleblower. Karamo stands in stark contrast to LaFave, who not only showed no desire whatsoever as State Representative to support upholding the integrity of Michigan’s elections but also mocked those who have offered stunning and useful revelations surrounding last November’s elections at a tremendous personal expense in true Millennial fashion. Unsurprisingly, Karamo has received the endorsement of Donald Trump himself.

LaFave’s main issue of the moment appears to be re-opening government offices that have yet to allow open visiting. Indeed, the appointment-only policy of the current incumbent and far-left aficionado Jocelyn Benson has resulted in a massive backlog of cases that might very well take months to clear up. LaFave seems to be using an increasingly popular tactic amongst career Republican politicians that involve feigning support for Donald Trump and the America First agenda and simultaneously making every conceivable attempt to thwart those policies. This phenomenon has become pervasive enough for some to coin the term “MAGA Inc.” to describe the RINOs who use this modus operandi.

With specific regards to election integrity, which by definition determines the viability of every other political issue, the difference between the two candidates exceeds that of night and day. With Karamo, there exists a candidate that has not only promised to root out any and all hyperpartisanship in the office she is seeking and to safeguard election integrity in all future elections, she also has a short but laudable track record of practicing what she preaches by being a whistleblower in a climate of intense media censorship and making it clear that “I don’t care how you vote, what you believe, that’s none of my business. If I’m elected secretary of state, the responsibility is to make sure that the elections are run per the law”

“The fact of the matter is we feel a certain way because of what happened in 2020… This should be a bipartisan issue, but unfortunately those wishing to corrupt the election process are trying to make it seem like we are just a bunch of Trump sycophants or this is just about disgruntled Republicans. No, this is about protecting the Republic and protecting every voice,” she added.

In LaFave exists a state lawmaker from one of the safest Republican seats in the state that nonetheless betrayed his constituencies by first failing to speak out affirmatively about ensuring that every legitimate vote was taken into account in last year’s election, but proceeded to add salt to the wounds of his constituencies by chastizing whistleblowers by posting a Millennial-tier meme, an artistic endeavor that is generally reserved for those born after 2000.

Meme production is widely considered the niche purview of Post Millennials

While the election is still over a year away, the line has clearly been drawn between the Republican establishment and the conservative grassroots. Like with most elections in swing states, it would appear that this is set to be a decently loud and bumpy one.

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