Republicans Accuse DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of Violating Oath of Office

According to a report that House Republicans published on July 20, 2023, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has violated his constitutional oath of office by not being able to “discharge the duties of the office” well and faithfully. 

“On Feb. 2, 2021, incoming DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas swore that oath,” the report by the House Committee on Homeland Security, declared. This committee is chaired by Tennessee Congressman Mark Green.

The report continued:

The American people expected him to abide by his oath, defend the homeland, and uphold the Constitution. If Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath, he should be considered derelict in his duty as secretary.

The report is entitled “DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty,” and forms an integral part of the five-point Republican campaign to construct a case for impeaching Mayorkas:

Mayorkas is not an innocent bystander at the mercy of the federal bureaucracy, global events, or political opponents — he is the chief architect of the illegal immigration crisis that Americans have suffered through since January 2021.

He has either willfully sparked the current crisis through his extreme and irresponsible policies, or is such a poorly informed, inefficient, and inflexible leader that he is negligent in his duties. Either way, he has been derelict in his duty to secure the border, defend the homeland, and keep the American people safe, violating his oath to defend the Constitution and faithfully discharge the duties of his office.

There are many other reasons to impeach Mayorkas. Immigration is chief among them. The facilitation of the election of a new people is enough to justify Mayorkas’s removal from office. 

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