Republicans Allow Government-Funded Anti-Gun Propaganda In Omnibus

Paul Ryan, Facebook

The Dickey Amendment, which was a part of the 1996 omnibus spending bill, barred the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from using research to advocate for gun control.

In a compromise move with Democrats, Republican leaders in Congress have agreed to weaken this restriction in the upcoming omnibus spending bill, and clarify that the CDC is allowed to research gun violence. This research will allow the government, especially during an anti-gun administration to create anti-gun propaganda.

The anti-gun left has been well known for fabricating facts in order to advance their anti-gun agenda. Following the shooting in Parkland Florida, Everytown for Gun Safety published a fabricated claim that 18 school shootings occurred at that point in 2018. Despite the claim being widely recognized as false, it made it all the way to the mouth of former President Barack Obama, who used it to advocate for gun control measures.

Anti-gun government officials have used government funding to advocate for gun control in the past. While serving as United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, Eric Holder, who later served as Obama’s attorney general called for the government schools to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

The omnibus bill is expected to make it to President Trump’s desk, but the President has signaled that he may veto the bill if it does not include adequate funding for a wall on the southern border.


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