Republicans Blame Joe Biden of Pursuing ‘Anti-Israel’ Policies

Currently, United States-Israel relations have been deteriorating to unprecedented lows.

The Biden regime has specifically been butting heads with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime over what US President Joe Biden believes are extremist measures being pursued by Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition government.

Pro-Zionist Republicans have criticized the Biden regime for its stances towards the Netanyahu government; they have gone as far as to describe the Biden regime’s current policies as “anti-Israel.”

14 Republican US senators held up the confirmation of State Department officials, until the Biden regime reverses its “antisemitic boycott of Israel”.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Idaho Senator James Risch, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton penned a letter directed to Biden and Secretary Blinken which stated, “It is untenable for State Department officials to continue testifying to Congress that they support the US-Israel relationship and then – once out of view – to push policies designed to undermine that relationship.”

The Biden regime has routinely criticized Israeli settlement expansion.

Per an Axios report from June, the Biden regime “notified Israel two weeks ago that it was reimposing a ban that prohibits U.S. taxpayer funding from being used in any research and development or scientific cooperation projects conducted in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, according to three U.S. and Israeli officials.”

In addition, Axios highlighted, “The Biden administration’s decision reverses a Trump administration policy from late 2020 that allowed U.S. taxpayer funding to be used for science and technology projects in the settlements for the first time since 1967.”

Further, the Biden regime criticized Netanyahu’s judicial reform programs, which has provoked massive protests from the right-wing coalition government’s critics in Israel and left-leaning factions of international Jewry who believe this will strengthen the coalition government’s power over the judiciary. 

The GOP Senators continued by noting that, “This guidance in particular puts Americans’ safety, security, and prosperity at risk because it politicizes and undermines cooperation on science and technology, including in areas such as defense and medicine where also our Israeli allies have proven themselves critical partners.” 

They are calling on the Biden regime to immediately scrap the policy and resurrect the Trump-era one.

If we’re being honest here, Israel can do whatever it wants: As long as US taxpayer dollars and military aid aren’t going to it. It’s a developed, sovereign country that’s more than capable of defending itself. The US should not be doling out money to it, interfering in its internal affairs, or allowing Israel to exercise undue influence in its foreign policy decision making. 

At the end of the day, the US’s foreign policy vision should be America First, not Israel First. 

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