Republicans Demand Merrick Garland, DOJ Release J6 Surveillance And Body Cam Clips

TOPSHOT – Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6, 2021. – Demonstrators entered the Capitol as Congress debated the a 2020 presidential election Electoral Vote Certification. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Will the American people ever know what truly transpired during the protests at the United States capitol on January 6th, 2021? A new exclusive report out of The Daily Caller has visited that question after the outlet received a letter revealing that House Republicans are demanding the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) release body and surveillance camera footage as well any other footage in connection with that day.

Seeking out footage from the riots of that day has not been a speedy process to say the least. Information pertaining that day was first requested from the DOJ in October 2021 by Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, and South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman. The representatives have since doubled down on that inquiry and then some, requesting that Attorney General Merrick Garland finally unveil the hidden footage as many Americans have a “growing concern” that the DOJ will not do so.

“On October 5, 2021, we wrote to you requesting information on the Department of Justice’s investigations related to the events on January 6th, including the release of surveillance and other related footage,” began the body of the letter to Garland. “Nine months later, we have yet to receive a response from your office. We write to you today to renew our request for increased transparency from the Department.”

“Many Americans question why their government, and the Department in particular, has been so selective in its release of footage,” read another part of the letter. “We believe all Americans, including Members of Congress, the media, and the public at-large, should be able to view footage from January 6th that the Department has in its possession.”

The write-up does appear to have some merit. As Buzzfeed News reported in August 2021, the vast majority of the 14,000 hours of surveillance video from Janurary 6th remains hidden from the public.

Many questions remain about the lack of transparency from the federal government following the protests on January 6th and the subsequent actions by representatives of the state since. Many protestors who marched at the capitol that day and were nonviolent during the events have been since arrested, whereas some appear to get off scot-free. Big League Politics has reported on the topic in the past, recently covering an exclusive story of a man who marched with a gun on January 6th before being later taken of the FBI’s “most-wanted” list with no offered explanation.

The letter can be found in full below:

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