Republicans for National Renewal Gets Permanently Banned from Instagram

On March 14, 2023, nationalist organization Republicans for National Renewal announced that it was permanently banned from Instagram for supposedly being a fake about. 

It made this announcement on Twitter, saying, “We have been permanently banned from @instagram, not for anything we said on there, but for supposedly being a fake account. We’re not allowed to appeal, as IG doesn’t even allow the request to be processed. This is disgraceful censorship. @InstagramComms.” 

RNR has been in a tussle with Instagram over the past week, when it was first suspended from Instagram on March 8 for supposedly being a fake account. It initially appealed the decision to Instagram. It tweeted at the time, “Republicans for National Renewal was just suspended on IG, supposedly for being a fake account. This is completely absurd. The IG account was linked on our official website and on our verified Twitter account. We call upon@instagram to immediately reverse this decision.”

Much to RNR’s dismay, Instagram has maintained the ban on its account. 

BLP reached out to RNR Chairman Mark Ivanyo, who commented about RNR’s latest ordeal with Instagram: 

As if we needed any further proof that strong, conservative accounts are untenable on platforms controlled by and beholden to the regime. RNR had already begun migrating to Rumble and has been expanding its website to have more content at:

Indeed, right-wing nationalists face existential threats on social media. The ruling classes of the Collective West want nothing to do with right-wing populism and will use all means possible to suppress nationalist discourse online. 

No question about it, the nationalist Right will have to use prudential state power to check Big Tech’s power. These institutions cannot be allowed to continue muzzling right-wing organizations and individuals. In doing so, they are acting as de facto Pinkertons of the managerial regime. 

In the meantime, right-wing nationalists must use alternative Tech just to stay afloat and have their message stay on the Internet in some shape or form. Sadly, that is the hand the Right has been dealt in these troubling times.

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