Republicans Have Plans of Expanding Hatch Act to Halt the Biden Regime’s Censorship Collusion

In late February, Republicans in the House Oversight Committee rolled out a plan to introduce two bills with the goal of ensuring that the federal government doesn’t collude with social media platforms to restrict free speech under the pretext of fighting “misinformation.”

Kentucky Congressman James Comer, who chairs the committee, plans on introducing a bill that would broaden the Hatch Act, a law that bars federal employees from engaging in political activities under their official capacities. 

“The Biden administration has eroded Americans’ First Amendment rights by bullying social media companies to censor certain views and news on their platforms,” Comer said to Fox News. “Biden administration officials are quick to label inconvenient facts as disinformation and then pressure social media companies to suppress content on their platforms.”

Under this bill, federal government employees who engage in censorship would be “subject to disciplinary action.” On top of that, this bill would bar “senior federal officials,” which includes political appointees, from being involved in censorship regardless of whether they are in their official capacities.

The second bill, which Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry introduced, would mandate the government to report to Congress each incident where a government agency has censored legal speech in the last 5 years.

These are solid legislative proposals. In all likelihood, these bills will pass the House by virtue of being under Republican control. However, these bills will likely die in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The real question here is: Will Republicans actually follow through with these measures if they take full control of both chambers of Congress and the presidency? That remains to be seen. 

But knowing the GOP’s track record, they will likely disappoint on this end and not go through with this plan. At the end of the day, a full-blown nationalist takeover of the GOP is needed to realize this vision.

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